Monday, May 4, 2009

Item Assistant v0.9.3

I have just released a new version of Item Assistant. This version fixes bugs, improves performance and cleans up/improves the GUI a bit.

From the changelog:
  • Added support for NPC trade-in quest rewards in the item tracking.
  • Now parsing the 18.0.1 database correctly.
  • Find panel now filters on dimension as well.
  • Added support for for item stats/links.
  • The report in the Pattern Matcher now links to the loot table for the boss.
  • It is now possible to export all items (excluding backpacks) from a toon by right-clicking the toon name in the tree-view.
  • Improved performance when ripping the AODB.
  • Bug Fix: Identify view will now sort (right hand side list).
  • Bug Fix: Toonlist in the find-panel and pattern-matcher should now be sorted.
Check out the downloads page at sourceforge to grab a copy. This distribution also includes some DLLs that were missing from the previous version and should hopefully fix the problem some people have with it not starting up.