Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Open Source Site

I stumbled over a cool site for open-source software development today. It has the wierd url and appears to be a social networking site based on open-source development.

Anyway, somebody had already registered my pet project, Item Assistant, and I diligently grabbed it and started to fill in details like SVN repository URLs etc. It then started generating some useful and interesting statistics about the project.

Anyway, its cool and you can check it out right here!

Item Assistant Inventory View Revamped!

Over the last weeks I have been refactoring the inventory view of Anarchy Online Item Assistant (AOIA) to a more traditional MVC pattern. I took the inspiration from the work I did with the identify view and made it a bit more general so it can be used to display an item-list of any search I create.

The main benefit, besides cleaner code, is that the inventory view now has a column that tells you where the backpack that has the item is located as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Item Assistant Identify View

More updates to AOIA.

I have added a new view that lets you quickly locate items in your inventory that are convertable into a different item type.

In the list on the left you choose the target item, while on the right it will determine the un-converted items you have that match your selection and where they are located.

The list of items that are convertable and what they convert into, is manually entered by the developers into the database. There is currently no way for me to extract all tradeskill processes (I don't even know if they exist in the AO database at all or only exists serverside? Anyone?)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dimension Support in Item Assistant

Work on AOIA never stands still.

Here is a small screenshot showing the new dimension support in the inventory character tree-view. RK1-Rk3 are added as default, while the "Unknown Dimension" contains characters you haven't logged in with the new version of AOIA yet. When you log in a toon its dimension is automatically detected.

More work remains though, as the find-panel, pattern-matcher and identify view all need to be able to restrict data retrieval to a single dimension.